Although Jesus had gentle words for penitent ( 懺悔的)sinners.

     He was also furious at two-face religious leaders who talked a good talk

     but turned around and exploited ( 剝削) their followers.

     God is never soft on sin.

     Let's not be half-baked Christians,

     claiming God's forgiveness but still living as we please.

    The only fitting response to God's mercy and grace is

     to serve Him in humility and love.


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  • Innie
  • God is never soft on sin!  That's so true!
    有太多時候我們知道神會原諒 而又再次的犯同樣的錯
    因為祂會一再的給我們機會 人真的是不知感恩ㄝ!
  • Rosa
  •          嬌傲的心會使人看不到 神的慈愛也會帶來敗壞的心!            
            每天都會有犯錯、無論大小罪過、謙卑的來到 神的面前認罪、        
            順服 神的旨意、   做個討  神喜樂的人。                
           引用金句   箴八 33~35                      
           聽從我、日日在我門口仰望、   在我門框旁邊等候的,那人便為有福。