The difference between being a church attendee and

      a church member is commitment!

      Attendees are consumers, they want the benefits without any

      responsibility or accountability; members are contributors.

      If you find the " perfect church" , don't join it, or you'll ruin it !

      You are called to love imperfect people just as God loves you!

      You become a Christian by committing yourself to Christ

      --it brings salvation ;

      You become a member by committing yourself to church

      --it brings fellowship and fulfilment , and you need both.


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  • 親愛的多多龍,我以後盡量在較難的英文字後註釋好嗎?
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  • Thank you for your sharing.  That is so true.  Church needs people to be committed. 
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  • 底下是不是該加......英翻中ㄚ?